Convincing texts – convince through texts

Texts – even those of a scientific paper – can convey more than facts or connections.

Some principles

Students of the first semester often have a hard time writing texts; Because in basic studies you have to learn various skills at the same time – and present yourself to the beginner as a confusing unit:

First, a scientific paper is about proving the knowledge of the content. This requires an intensive study of literature, different perspectives and theoretical approaches, and the most important thinkers in each field.

A second component of the overall scientific package is the ability to think in a structured way; Here, the important must be distinguished from the unimportant, clear priorities in the argument must be set.

It also depends on the mastery of the respective subject-specific formalities – a confusing and unpopular topic for many students – but a topic that is of great importance when it comes to evaluating household chores.

Style, shapes and content

If these factors are still relatively clear to experienced teachers, at the latest with the expression and the style a field begins that is by no means so clear: Linguistic habits and expectations mix here with the knowledge of previous scientific language and become extremely subjective Matter.

While some students tend to merely imitate the style of what they consider a scientific language, few succeed in finding a true form of expression: science is not about merely stringing together foreign words in over-complex sets of boxes – even if that suggests a number of professor texts.

Anyone who writes in this way proves not so much his scientific character as his lack of ability to express complicated content in a clear and simple way.

If you expect more from an academic text than neat boredom, you have to pay more attention to language and style – or to text professionals like academic ghostwriters.

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