Ghostwriting Literary History

Literature, as it is today, would hardly make sense to interpret without a knowledge of its history. Germanistik ghostwriters are predestined to take on this task.

Joy of literature can hardly be thought of separately from the joy of history; The flood of historical novels on different eras shows this impressively. But how does that literature emerge that manages to be seen as shaping a whole period?

Literature types and interactions

The picaresque novel, the educational novel, the overloaded, ornate Baroque novels, or the culture-pessimistic literature of the “Fin de Siècle” all had their themes, their times – and, as is often forgotten, their precursors and counterparts in older texts.

Thus, the Greek mythology, the historiography, the literature and rhetoric of the Roman Empire in all its stages of development and not least the extremely great influence of religious texts have enriched the literary world immensely.

Only their knowledge makes it possible, for example, not only to read the work of Thomas Mann in a profitable way, but also to place his own interpretation on a broad basis.


Literature lives from the recurrence with simultaneous variation of the topics in the light of new developments, technical or social changes. If you want to develop an actual understanding, you can not help but find yourself in the time of creation and in the biography and emotional world of the author – even if these are not the only kind of interpretations.

One can approach art historically, cultural scientific, psychological and at the latest since the emergence of statistical text analysis mathematically to a work.

The respective interpretation, the detection of open and possibly also hidden contexts and interpretations knows no other limits than the detective’s sense of detection, the logic and the creativity of the critics – who often write or work as ghostwriters themselves and therefore have a special closeness to the literary scene. The use of such professionals can certainly contribute to the clarification of many a literary scientific question.

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